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STS has been offering quality services related to all aspects of environment encompassing the subsystems of land, water and vegetation. The Dept. of Space, Govt. of India accorded recognition to STS for award of work of preparation of thematic maps, digitization, GIS etc., under Integrated Mission for sustainable Development , other remote sensing application projects and Natural resources information system sponsored by Dept of Science and Technology.


SATHYA is international marketing representative for all remote sensing products of GeoEye, USA, and Digital Globe. The high-resolution satellite imagery from GeoEye-1,WV2 and WV3.


Sathya Technology Services has been a valued Channel Partner of DigitalGlobe since early 2007.



About DigitalGlobe


Digital GlobeDigitalGlobe is a leading global provider of commercial high-resolution earth imagery products and solutions. Sourced from our own advanced satellite constellation and aerial network, our world imagery solutions support a wide variety of uses within defense and intelligence, civil agencies, mapping and analysis, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, infrastructure management as well as internet portals and navigation technology.



DigitalGlobe Imagery Products

Product Overview

DigitalGlobe‚Äôs core imagery products are derived from high-resolution satellite and aerial images. Our core products vary according to processing level and geolocational accuracy. Each product is delivered with a set of support files to assist you in analyzing or further 

processing the imagery.


All DigitalGlobe products are corrected for radiometric and sensor distortions. Radiometric corrections include relative radiometric response between detectors, non-responsive detector fill and conversion for absolute radiometry. Sensor corrections include corrections for internal detector geometry, optical distortion, scan distortion, line-rate variations and mis-registration of the multispectral bands where applicable.

Constellation Order Fulfullment
DigitalGlobe offers order fulfillment from the constellation. This means that a given order, archive or tasking, can be sourced from any sensor capable of fulfilling the product requirements. This capability enables faster collection and delivery by using all constellation resources to fulfill the order.


Image Band Options
DigitalGlobe offers three image band options.

  • Panchromatic - Products include only one band and are black and white.
  • Multispectral - Products include 4 or 8 multispectral bands
  • Pan-sharpened - Products combine the visual information of the multispectral data with the spatial information of the pan data, resulting in a higher GSD color product


Multispectral Products

The band sequence for 4-band and 8-band multispectral products is in order of shortest wavelength to longest wavelength. The band order in a 4-band multispectral product is Blue, Green, Red, and NIR1. The band order in an 8-band multispectral product is Coastal,
Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Red Edge, NIR1, NIR2. For more information on the specific ranges of the pan and multispectral bands.


PAN-Sharpened Products

Pan-sharpened products are offered as 3-band and 4-band products. 3-band Color Products are available in Natural Color (Blue, Green and Red bands) and in Color Infrared (Green, Red and NIR1 bands). The 4-band pan-sharpened product uses the Blue, Green, Red, and NIR1 bands. All pan-sharpened products are tiled due to large file sizes. Pan-sharpened products are available in both 50cm and 60cm GSD and are only available as Standard and Ortho level products.


BAND Option Summary

Product TypePixel ResolutionImage Bands (in order)
Pan Only 50cm, 60cm Panchromatic
Multispectral (4-band) 2.0m, 2.4m Blue, Green, Red, NIR1
Multispectral (8-band) 2.0m Coastal, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Red Edge, NIR1, NIR2
Bundle (pan + 4-band) 50cm, 60cm
2.0m, 2.4m
Blue Green, Red, NIR1
Bundle (pan + 8-band) 50cm
Coastal, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Red Edge, NIR1, NIR2
Natural Color 30cm, 50cm, 60cm Blue, Green, Red
Color Infrared 50cm, 60cm Green, Red, NIR1
Pan-sharpened (4-band) 50cm, 60cm Blue, Green, Red, NIR1


Imagery products are radiometrically corrected and sensor corrected, but not projected to a plane using a map projection or datum. The sensor correction blends all pixels from all detectors into the synthetic array to form a single image. The resulting GSD varies over the
entire product because the look angle slowly changes during the imaging process.



The Basic Imagery product is in the satellite frame of reference; it is not tied to ground location, and is therefore a geometrically raw product with no implied accuracy. However, when the data are processed with the supplied refined Image Support Data (ISD) and user-supplied DEMs and GCPs, horizontal accuracies of at least 4.0 meter CE90, can be achieved.


Physical Structure:

Basic Imagery products are delivered as scenes. Scenes are approximately full swath width, cut into consistent lengths. Depending on area ordered, the length of the last piece of imagery used to fulfill the Area of Interest could be less than length specified below. There will be at least 1.8 km overlap between scenes of the same strip.


  • QuickBird Scene-framed products are approximately 16.5km x 16.5 at nadir.
  • WorldView1 Scene-framed products are approximately 17.6km x 14km at nadir.
  • WorldView2 Scene-framed products are approximately 16.4 x 14km at nadir.

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